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Lagos debunks allegation of major infection in Queen’s College

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By Kunle Adedoyin

Professor Akin Abayomi, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, has declared that there is no evidence of a major infection in Queen’s College, Lagos.

He said this on Sunday after visiting the school to carry out an inspection.

“I came here to have an idea of how many girls are experiencing illnesses in light of the recent report of an excess of upper respiratory tract infection in the last week or two but I have gone round,” he said.

“I have been into the sick bay and through all the dormitories, I have interacted with all the girls; very clever, bright and happy girls and we haven’t really seen any evidence of major infection in the school, all the students look very happy and very healthy and I am happy that things are going on well here.

“I am very happy that whatever had happened in the last two or three weeks, we have seen that it has significantly subsided. The sick bay doesn’t have many students in it. We only had two or three cases this morning of cough or cold which is not to be unexpected.”

Ismail Abdul-Salam, the State’s Epidemiologist who was in the company of Abayomi, said the team also examined the students’ bathrooms and kitchen and were satisfied.

He, however, said there were rooms for improvement.

“The water is clean, I drank some myself. I saw where they prepare the food it looks satisfactory. I am happy with the general environment of the school,” he said.

“Of course it requires little touch up here and there, we have identified some places and I will appeal to the Federal Government and the Queens College Old Girls Association to pay more attention to this fantastic school with incredible heritage, that we keep maintaining it to a standard that everybody is accustomed to and will be proud of.”

Parents and guardians who had withdrawn their children and wards were advised to return them as there was no cause for alarm.

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