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IGP says community policing will complement efforts in combating crimes

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By Andy Chukwu

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Abubakar Adamu has stated that community policing initiative will complement Nigeria police efforts in combating crimes and issues bothering on the activities of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers and militants.

Adamu disclosed this during the submission of report by the committee on the Implementation Strategies on Strengthening Internal Security Framework and Community Policing in Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

He said strategies have been put in place towards implementing the community policing initiative to complement Nigeria Police efforts in combating crimes.

The community policing committee was inaugurated by the Federal Government on May 7 and given two months to complete its assignment.

The committee was tasked with studying and analysing the findings, recommendations and implementation strategies of the Presidential Parley Report by the Senior Executive Course, 4, 2018 of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS), Kuru, in Jos.

The committee also has the responsibility of coming up with policy statement for the consideration by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Explaining the concept of community policing, Adamu said the whole responsibility of the initiative would be on the state governments.

“State police and community police are not the same,” Adamu said.

“State police requires state governments to creates, recruit train and manage the policing system separate from the federal, while community policing is engaging the community in every aspect of policing, taking policing initiative.

“I mean the initiative should come from the community rather than from the police, that is the best solution as against state police because the advantages of community policing has outweigh the idea of state police.

“The disadvantages of the state police are more than the perceived advantages so the way to go is by community policing, which will take care of all the demands and the agitations of state police.

“A lot of strategies have been put in place towards implementing community policing and one of those is the report that has just been given to fine tune the implementation strategy.

“And in that, the idea or the concept is that, in every community that we identified, people that are born from the community, grew from the community and know everybody within the community will be recruited.

“And, they will be trained to be community policing officers that will only work within that community,“ he said.

Adamu explained that the advantage of the recruiting people from the immediate community was for proper identification of those who indulged in different criminal activities within such identified area.

“Their areas of responsibility will be only within that community, which is to say that they know the terrain, they know the language, and they know everybody within that community.

“So, if there is any problem within the community that will lead to committing of crime, they will identify it.

“Then with the leadership of a community and support of the police, they will be able to solve the problem before it occurs,” he said.

Adamu explained that the community police will be under the control of the Nigeria Police, and not a separate force but the structure would be decentralised to the lowest level for the community to be involved.

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