Corruption persists in Nigeria because corrupt people are celebrated — Lumumba – Independent Observers

Corruption persists in Nigeria because corrupt people are celebrated — Lumumba

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By Andy Chukwu

A former director of the Kenyan anti-corruption agency, Professor Patrick Lumumba, has declared that corruption still thrived in Nigeria because Nigerians still celebrate those that fraudulently enriched themselves.

Speaking at the opening session of the 49th Annual Conference of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Lumumba Nigerians are not yet tired of corruption

Lumumba said the day Nigerians become tired of corrupt practices, the actions that would follow would put an end to graft.

“The task of nation building is a collective responsibility. If you are an accountant, you have to do your work by ensuring that the right records are kept and that the truth is told.

“Corruption is a crime against humanity. Experiences have demonstrated that if a people in a country are sufficiently fed up, they will rise up. In Romanian, we saw that the people themselves were dissatisfied with the conduct of their party officials and they changed the attitude of the leadership.

“Sometimes, I think Nigerians and many Africans are not fed up. Because the day we are fed up, things will begin to change.”

Ibrahim Magu, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Finance Crimes Commission (EFCC), at the event called on ICAN to introduce courses that would prepare accountants for the fight against corruption.

He said as managers of the treasury, the role of accountants and auditors in the fight against corruption was very vital.

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