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Police release 123 intercepted truck passengers in Lagos

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By Kunle Adedoyin

The Lagos State Police Command has released the 123 male passengers who were intercepted along Moshalashi road, Agege in a truck with 48 motorcycles, while coming from Jigawa State.

Bala Elkana, the Police Public Relations Officer, had in an earlier statement said that a truck, with Registration Number JIGAWA HJA-680-XA, conveying the male passengers and motorcycles was on Friday, intercepted and searched.

He said that the vehicle and passengers were searched but nothing incriminating was found.

“They were profiled with a view to ascertaining who they were, where they come from, their background and their mission in Lagos.

“They all came from Jigawa State, North West Region of Nigeria and are mostly artisans, commercial motorcyclists and traders.

“Some of them are already based in Lagos with their families while others are coming for the first time. They are in the state in pursuit of greener pasture,” Elkana said.

He said the Police was satisfied with their legitimate mission in the state and allowed them to proceed to their various destinations.

Elkana said that the Lagos Police Command would not relent on its efforts to protect the lives and properties of the good people of Lagos State.


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