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US says Nigerians will still pay more for visa

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By Temitope Owotoki

The US Embassy in Nigeria has disclosed that it would still charge Nigerians additional cost for visa application as it is yet to receive any official communication from the Nigerian government of its decision to reduce its charges on visa applications by Americans.

The Embassy in a statement on Friday, said it looks forward to receiving such communication from the Nigerian government on the issue.

“The US Embassy looks forward to receiving official diplomatic communication regarding a new fee schedule for Americans seeking Nigerian visas,” the statement read.

“Until such time, and confirmation of implementation, the reciprocity fees for approved visas to the United States will remain in place.”

 On Tuesday, the Embassy announced an increase in the cost of applications for Nigerian citizens seeking visas to the US.

It explained that the additional cost US citizens incurred when seeking visa to Nigeria, necessitated the action.

The US had said effective from August 29, 2019, Nigerians applying for tourism, student and business visas will not only pay the $160 fee but will have to pay an extra $110 after the visa had been issued to them.

Less than 24 hours after the action of the US, the Federal Government announced a slash in the visa fee for US citizens.

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