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Obasanjo meets Fulani group over insecurity

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By Kunle Adedoyin

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Saturday met with a group of ethnic Fulani living in South-west Nigeria.

The meeting is aimed at seeking ways to resolve mounting insecurity in the region, which Fulani herders have partly been accused of causing.

The group was led by Saleh Bayari, the Chairman of Gan Allah Fulani Association, with three leaders representing each of the South West States, as well as Kogi State.

Also at the meeting was an individual said to be a victim of an attack by herders.

The former president in his welcome speech before a closed-door meeting encouraged his guests to feel free, saying he was convinced they were knowledgeable enough to interact successfully.

“I want to also beg of you, we must not leave anything under the carpet, that is only way to get the best from a meeting like this,” he said.

“None of us who does not know what has been happening about insecurity in the country. We should be able to get a way forward.”

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