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Winning the Mind Battle

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By Dennis Pounnah

To effectively understand the concept, “Mind and Battle”, which I preferably wish to be seen as a social and spiritual issue, it is imperative to know or understand the two major words that captured the concept.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Mind, “is the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. Mind is also the conscious mental events and capabilities in an organism. It is the ability to be aware of things, And the ability for rational thoughts.

Battle, on the other hand, simply means action, fight or encounter. It is also a combat between two persons, issues or beings.  Battle can also mean an extended contest, struggle or controversy. There are various battles in the world, a battle could be physical, spiritual, social, economic or in other realms, which an individual, group or a nation could face at a particular point in time.

Mind battle is misinterpreted by many to be critical thinking. That is, when one’s mind is full of thoughts of worries or disturbances, he or she said to be critically thinking. This is not wholly true.

Critical thinking is very distinct from mind battle. Critical thinking is thinking about what you are thinking. That is simple evaluation.

Ennis (1987) sees critical thinking as a reasonable, reflective and depth analysis of what you are thinking. Lipman (1981) also sees critical thinking as responsible and that which is conducive to good judgment because it is sensitive to contest and relies on criteria and self – correcting.

Thinking critically is not a negative process, but battle in the mind is all about NEGATIVITY. The increasing rate of suicide incidents currently happening in Nigeria could not be far from the lost of control of mind battles by individuals, who failed to overcome these battles and rather opted for self destruction.

This article focuses on winning the mind battle, which is now plaguing the society and wrecking destruction in many families. It can be considered timely as this will go a long way to positively affect many lives.

In today’s world, virtually everything and every facet of human life are experiencing one battle or the other. But in any battle of life or mind, it is my sincere belief that no situation is cumbersome for God to handle if presented before Him.

On this note, I wish to draw our attention to the battle of child bearing Hannah passed through in the Holy Bible. Same for Abraham and several others, that triumphed in their battles with God’s intervention in their lives.

The mind battle is one of the toughest battles that people face in life. An individual maybe gorgeously dressed and composed while he or she is facing a serious battle in the mind with several raging thoughts going through his/her mind.

These could be: “How do I get my life partner?”, “What would I eat on getting home?”, “How do I pay my bills?” and many other worrying thoughts.

These accurately point to things that are fueling the increasing occurrence of suicide incidents in Nigeria. 

Since the mind battle is considered one of the toughest battles an individual might face in his/her lifetime, one has to take very tough but simple steps to win this battle.

There are several ways this seemingly tough battle could be won. Here are some few steps:

First, the mindset of the individual involved should be transformed or reformed to make a better person. The person’s understanding about life, people and issues can be transformed through undiluted Word of Christ Jesus while rational mind training is added also (Proverbs 1:2).

Second, the total surrender to Jesus Christ and acceptance of Him as the personal Lord and Saviour is paramount. This is because with Christ, the Saviour of the Universe in your corner, you are capable of winning any battle: be it physical, economic, academic, spiritual, or otherwise.

For instance, the war between the Israelites and the Egyptians had an interesting outcome because of God’s intervention on behalf of Israel (Psalms 18:3). Even till now no nation can face Israel and defeat it because God loves and guards it jealously.

Third, in winning the mind battle, it is highly imperative for the individual to embark on a personal discovery on the very situation that causes the mind battle initially. This implies that you know yourself more than anybody. You need to be yourself in all circumstances. Also the individual in question will need good and appropriate orientation from experts or consultants of such aspect(s) of life that trigger the battle within the mind (Psalm55:22).

Fourth, prayer is also a very useful tool for devoted Christians. There is nothing impossible before God Almighty, if presented through prayers (2 Chronicles 7:14 & John 14:13).

Fifth, the victim of mind battle should always avail himself with reasonable persons for social interaction. Segregation would rather cause more harm than good.

To win the mind battle is not just an easy task because the mind itself is the greatest force in the Universe that controls human existence. Every good and bad idea is conceived in the mind. Even at that, it is my sincere belief with the power of God and His sufficient grace and mercy for all His creatures.

If the above few steps can be considered and applied adequately, winning the mind battle is as easy as reciting the alphabets ABCD. To me, no battle is cumbersome for God to win no matter the atmosphere in which it exists.

May God help those facing the MIND BATTLES to win. Amen.

Pounah Denis writes from Ondo State, Nigeria.

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