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Ruggedman attacked in London

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By Kunle Adedoyin

Nigerian artiste, Ruggedman, has allegedly been attacked by a hoodlum in London.

Ruggedman, in an online post at around 1.00am Saturday, said he was dinning at 805 Restaurant, said to be popular amongst Nigerians in the English capital, when a hoodlum charged violently at him.

A video posted on Ruggedman’s Twitter handle showed how the violence unfolded. Some persons were seen carrying the restaurant’s furniture and slamming them on Ruggedman.

A voice in the background repeatedly urged the attackers, said to be four, to “leave him,” but this did not appear to have much impact throughout the less than one-minute video.

Ruggedman later posted a video saying he was doing fine and commending the police for swift intervention. He did not appear hospitalised in the video.

Although details of the confrontation were still sketchy, netizens had already linked it to Naira Marley fans. Naira Marley, a Nigerian hip-hop artiste, was arrested last month in Lagos by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The EFCC said in court filings that Naira Marley was involved in Internet fraud, and presented laptops and order tools allegedly seized from the musician.

He strongly denied all allegations, saying he had borrowed the laptop from a friend shortly before he was arrested with it. The Federal High Court in Lagos granted him bail, and he only met the conditions and was released on Friday.

Ruggedman had condemned Naira Marley shortly after the younger artiste released a music video that many said glorified Internet fraudsters — Yahoo Boys.

Ruggeddman said Naira Marley should channel his talent towards reining in the excesses of politicians who have been stealing public funds, rather than encouraging the youth to take the inglorious road of online fraud.

Ruggedman later apologised to Naira Marley after the musician was arrested and charged, saying he was only warning him as a junior colleague and did not know the matter would escalate so quickly and seriously.

Why Ruggedman was attacked on the night that Naira Marley was released was yet unclear, and Naira Marley did not appear to have issued comments about the matter, which had spread to Nigerian social media overnight.

Ruggedman was amongst Nigerian musicians famous for advancing local hip-hop genre in the 2000s, but he had spent his recent months campaigning against police brutality of citizens. 

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