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EFCC ‘arrests’ Naira Marley — on his birthday

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By Kunle Adedoyin

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested Afeez Fashola, Nigerian singer popularly known as Naira Marley.

Naira Marley, known for his single ‘Issa Goal,’ was arrested in Lagos on May 10, which happened to be his birthday.

Naira Marley has been in the news recently for advocating the cause of internet fraudsters.

During an Instagram live session in April, he had urged Nigerians to pray for internet fraudsters (Yahoo boys) “as they are crucial to the circulation of money in the economy.”

“All you guys, all the money in your pockets, all the money you spend, you think it’s the government that is making the money go round? You better sit down and pray for yahoo boys. If dem stop yahoo, the money would not pass you guys,” he said.

“The money will go like this, from Obasanjo to Tinubu, from Tinubu to Mr Japa, you think me I need Yahoo? I make money from my music.”

On Thursday, the singer released the video of his single ‘Am I a Yahoo Boy?’.

Mr. Tony Orilade, the acting EFCC spokesperson, confirmed that the singer was arrested with  others in relation to alleged advance fee scam and related cyber crimes.

“Yes, he is with us. He’s not the only person; he had some other persons also arrested alongside (him).

“They were arrested in relation to advance fee fraud — Internet-related cases and all of that. Give me a little time and I will get you the details,” he said.

A video featuring Ruggedman has gone viral this week in which the rapper called out Naira Marley for advocating Internet fraud. The artiste noted that the promotion of such cyber crimes impacted negatively on Nigerians abroad.

“Bro, do not disrespect the black race and the enslaved by trying to justify cybercrime with slavery’.”

“If you have issues with slavery, start a movement and fight whoever you think owns slaves. Because, as far as I’m concerned, people who did died ages ago. Right now, you stealing people’s hard-earned money—both foreigners and Nigerians—does not justify yahoo-yahoo.

“I’m not stopping you from doing yahoo-yahoo if you want to do it. I have friends that do it, some are in jail for it. I’m not judging. But the thing is do not try to make it look good to young people because a crime remains a crime!”Ruggedman said.

However, Naira Marley, whose recent song is titled ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy,’ responded by mocking Ruggedman in an Instagram video and defended his artistic choices.

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