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A lot can be achieved through peace – Abayomi Sheba

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By Temitope Owotoki

Hon. (Barr.) Abayomi Sheba, the Chairman of Federal Character Commission has stated that a lot of development can be achieved by “walking on a path of peace.”

Sheba, who expressed this opinion during the surprise birthday party organized by staff of the Commission and close associates for him on Thursday May 2, said that he believes in peaceful dialogue in order to sustain the peace and development of the country.

“When there is peace that is when you can talk about development and walking on the right path as a country.

“To me, it is a path of honour and we can always get development when we walk on a path of peace.

“Even in my political career I choose to follow the path of peace because you can never get development in situations full of acrimony. Even in crisis, you will still end up coming to a round table,” he said.

He gave glory to God for bringing him to life and for always standing by him during his “up and down moments.”

“I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be alive till this very moment, not that am the best but it is just by the special grace of the Almighty God.

“So at all times, I will continue to give glory to Him for this privilege given to me to be alive, there are ups and downs but in all God has always been there to bring me up.

“I should have been ridiculed but God didn’t allow that” he said.

He further thanked all those who came out to surprise him on his day.

“I just came here to see the whole place decorated by people, I didn’t spend one kobo, am really challenged and grateful and also thankful for all the people who came out to celebrate with me, am really surprised, humbled and grateful,” Sheba added.

Bello Tukur, the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission who spoke during the event, described Sheba as a man of the people who hardly dwell on people’s mistakes.

“He is a very simple and unassuming person who hardly frown at people’s mistake, most of the time I use to push him by saying Oga you need to frown small, he is always happy and smiling,” Tukur said.

Tukur, on behalf of the Commission wished Sheba prosperity in his endeavours and urged him to continue with his leadership style, humility and humbleness.

Also, Dipo Akinshola, the Director Social Economic and Infrastructural Department of the Commission, advised the chairman to continue in the spirit of bringing people especially everybody in the commission together

“My advice to our amiable chairman is to continue in the spirit of bringing everybody together and in this new age. I am sure the sky is the limit for him,” he said.

Sheba also used the occasion to reiterate his commitment to human capacity building, especially among the youth.

“I will continue to work hard to liberate the youth and build their capacity whenever I have the opportunity to do so.”

The Chairman of the Federal Character Commission appealed to Nigerians to wholeheartedly support the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and its Next Level agenda and work for the development of the country. He assured the people that the government is set to positively transform the country.

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