Death toll in failed Brazil dam jumps to 121 – Independent Observers

Death toll in failed Brazil dam jumps to 121

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Safety authorities in Brazil have announced that the death toll from the collapse of a dam in the country’s southeastern state of Minas Gerais has risen to 121. 

The state’s fire department also said about 226 people were still missing., even though 192 people were rescued and another 395 whose whereabouts had been unknown, were found.

Pedro Aihara, spokesman for the fire department said rescue workers were concentrating on an area where there had been a dressing room in which there were numerous people at the time of the disaster and firefighters had begun excavating the area.

“This was a huge breakthrough, very important for the search parties. We estimate that in the area of the dressing room there is a large number of victims,” said Aihara, adding that in some spots the sludge and mud are 20 meters deep.

More than 250 firefighters, with the help of 22 trained dogs, search for the 226 still missing following the collapse of the dam owned by Brazilian mining company Vale in Brumadinho. Fire destroys 16 shops, building worth millions of naira in Ilorin The sludge and mud buried everything in its path and destroyed nearby communities, as well as the mining company’s administrative center and cafeteria. ce

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