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JOHESU Threatens to Resume Strike

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The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU)  has threatened to resume the industrial action it suspended on  May 30, 2018 if the issues in dispute are not resolved.

Comrade Biobelemoye Josiah, JOHESU President, said the National Executive Committee of the union is scheduled to meet on Monday to decide the next step to take in its disagreement with the government.

“All branch executive representatives in both federal and state institutions are expected to attend the meeting. We urge all members to await further directives,” he said.

However, a group, Kingdom Human Right Foundation, has indicated that the fresh threat  by JOHESU to embark on strike is contravention of the interim order of injunction against the leadership of JOHESU.

The group said any attempt by the union to go on strike will “amount to disrespect and a deliberate affront to the majesty of honourable court. Such contemptuous act will warrant the invocation of disciplinary jurisdiction of the court for committal proceedings. ”

The group reminded  the union that the May 17th 2018 order by the Industrial Court still subsists.

But Joshua is alleging that the government was the first to contravene the court order by applying no work no pay policy. He noted that workers’ salaries for the month of April and May, 2018 was unjustly withheld.

Josiah further alleged that the no work no pay policy of the government only applied  to JOHESU, while other groups get paid when they go on strike.

As part of the efforts to press home its demand, the union in collaboration with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) has concluded plans to stage a national rally in Abuja to draw the attention of the federal and state ministries of health to their plight.

JOHESU’s grievances include upward adjustment of the CONHESS salary structure; unjustified withholding of the salaries of JOHESU members for the months of April and May, 2018 and headship of hospital departments. Others are non promotion of members on CONHESS 14 – 15 as directors in some federal health institutions, and implementation of consultancy cadre to JOHESU members.

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